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You run your mouth while I run my business...

Updated: Sep 15, 2022



So I had another home daycare mom offer up a laugh in my face on behalf of herself & whoever else has wasted time gossiping about me instead of tending to their own business and babies...


She’s laughing at me because I chose to sell my business, websites etc rather than do what most people decide to do which is just shut it all down, quit and go home.


I asked her what was so funny but it appears she no longer has keyboard courage and someone else responded on her behalf and shared that “they” don’t understand how I can just sell my business or why anyone would want to buy it when they would have to reapply for certain licensure again (which is not even entirely factual - it depends on how you’ve structured your business).


First of all. I have a meeting next week when I return to town with my 1st potential let me get that out of the way before I go any further....insert snaps here


I am not angry with her or anyone else who thinks in such an obtuse manner...because I used to be that way. I only saw limitations and I had a majority mindset...until I became fed up with living off of the mediocre reality that mood creates.


This little LOL emoji that this fellow mompreneur purposely and publicly shared gave a not so subtle inclination that there is yet another petty committee boardroom meeting about me happening across several keyboards in west bumbleflip, Oklahoma. It reminds me of the many many LOL moments that I’ve had to endure all of my life. Ultimately, I have always had the last laugh.


I’ve often been the subject of scrutiny for being this precocious like spunk who never cries “uncle.” I’m totally OK with that!


I remember listening in to a radio show for another state and hearing the announcement of a citywide call in vocal competition. I decided I wanted to be a part & was met with the same kind of, “you can’t do that” kind of smirk. I called in, introduced myself, stated my city which was from another state. I was still allowed to sing. I won.


I remember suddenly becoming a divorcing mother of 3 children with a 4th on the way, being on bed rest and trying to beat the threat of homelessness with literally a few hundred dollars left in my pocket. I had my standard of a home I desired & I hold fast to the belief that finances are fluid, they come and go. Well meaning loved ones told me to stop being “picky” and just move into whatever dump I could find that would accept the few coins that I have. I defiantly continued knocking on ONLY the doors that I desired to see open.


Fast forward three years later and I am still opening and closing that same door from the home I truly wanted. I moved in with only what could fit in my little Dodge Avenger and have been taking care of my home and children as a mompreneur ever since. Even writing this blog is a part of my “job” Today, I am preparing to move on and up from this place as it has served its purpose in our life and I am also reminded of a smug ex husband who stood over me one night and told me that I would never stand on my own without him. Aaaand again I have the last laugh! Insert two snaps up in a circle!


I recall working as a Walmart jewelry sales associate to save money for my first year of college and having a run in with a professional thief. I was no match for him. I was a doe eyed 17 year old. He asked to try on a couple pieces and he got away with the jewels. I got called into a meeting and was accosted by a slew of the most hurtful, demoralizing words from a middle aged muttle skinned store manager. I can still feel the way his disrespectful words and condescending tone affected me down to my cells to this day. He basically told me that I was in over my head. He actually LAUGHED at me as he told me that I don’t know what I’m doing and I should

go back to “scanning meatloaf” on a regular basis. YES! Those where his roads to the diva! Sacrilege!!


Well I was demoted at “his” store but upon high school graduation I was approved a transfer to another location closer to my college. I stayed on and learned how to work many other areas of the new store locations and learned a lot about business leadership and customer service. Although retail sales was never my end game the skills have served me well as an artist and mompreneur as I continually build my brand. Since then, I’ve done quite a bit of local and regional tv commercials and PSA’s and I have had to travel back to that store where he works. I know his words have to hit back reallll different every time he looks up and sees me at “his” store after undoubtedly seeing me on his TV. I don’t have to laugh...but the giggles are implied.


I could go on and on but the point is I never have to defend myself. I just let the results speak for themself. I am also never afraid to so called “fail.” I know that each perceived failure is actually a win depending on how you chose to handle it. Nothing is ever wasted. Why lie down and accept defeat? Why not do just like our great current president and just grab it by the ..... uh oh... ok bad line bad line!!


I have zero regrets about starting my small home daycare business. People move on from projects they create all of the time. Some throw it all away and quit while the brilliant ones profit from their labor & bless others with the gift of their knowledge, experience and even mistakes! part of your story is EVER wasted. I decided that this business is no longer the best choice for me because it has taken me further away from my divine alignment. Perhaps I spent those countless hours developing the company website, social media sites, policies, procedures and building a book of business and prospects so that someone else can step into this vision and take it further! There’s no way I would let a God given dream die just because I’m no longer ordained to carry the baton! That’s absurd, short sighted and selfish!


The point of it all is you keep letting others laugh at your bold, colorful moves that bless the world (and even them!). Let them laugh loud. Then you laugh louder...all the way to the bank, baby!!


Speaking of minding my business. I am looking for two new business partners for my health & wellness venture!

For the past few years, my home has been blissfully converted to healthier products that never require a child proof cap! I have been using and sharing more natural and luxurious feeling and smelling products to clean my home, wash clothes, even bathe and wash my hair with. This shopping club has also offered a pretty generous bonus check every time that I refer new families to shop and I get paid month after month for something that we all are going to do anyway! Along with singing, acting and writing I've partnered up with an incredible team called Global Wealth Builders. We are comprised of families all across America from various backgrounds. Many of us have full time day jobs or careers as an entrepreneur. Our backgrounds are very diverse but we all share a common goal and that is to help enhance the lives of families all across America. We help you switch stores, save money and get healthier! That it! and we get paid to do so! I am looking for 2 new people who feel led to join us. If this is you then email me at to schedule a conference call!

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